Skåne Netball Club


Who are we?

Netball Enthusiasts! 

At the club, we aim to foster a community atmosphere around the sport, teamwork, good fun and social events. We strive to make this more than just a sports game each week. 

What is netball?

A ball sport...

Netball is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players. This sport was developed in England and is now played all over the world. It is great for fitness and coordination skills. 

Social League

Everybody's Game

While this is technically a competition, we aim to keep this league open to all netball capabilities, from beginners to pros. 

How the club runs


The club runs entirely on the support of its volunteers. Everything from the committee, umpiring, match managing, setting up for games to our wonderful team captains is only possible because of amazing volunteers. 

Interested in trying out? 

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming trainings and events! 

Social Netball: 
Tuesdays 19:00 - 20:00, outside on the basketball courts at Disponentgatan 2, Malmö  

Tuesdays 18:30-19:00, outside on the basketball courts at Disponentgatan 2, Malmö 

Times may vary depending on availability of our coaches. Keep an eye on our socials. 

Please make sure to check our Facebook for any updates and changes to weekly trainings. 

In spring the schedule changes. Be sure to check our updates section for more details!

Although we operate in both Malmö and Lund we alternate between cities depending on season and hall availability. Through September we will be in Malmö and we will send an update with information on winter training times and locations when we have a confirmation. 

Skåne Netball Club Est. 2019
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